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Stolen From Africa / Volé D’Afrique is a national, non-profit arts education organization based in Toronto that promotes cultural and historical awareness of the African Diaspora. Conceived locally as a T-Shirt campaign in 2004,we found that through highlighting social justice issues and stories of oppression on everyday street apparel, we sparked interest, ignited ideas and encouraged dialogue. SFA has propelled itself from the streets of Toronto onto several international landscapes including Jamaica, South Africa, Ghana, USA and Russia! Today, SFA is made up of a diverse group of people from various racial backgrounds, inspired by the effects of colonialism with aspirations of connecting and learning from the communities in which we live worldwide.

Much of our work is youth-centred. We are located within Monsignor Fraser College (Midland campus). Through in-school and community based programming we strive to empower youth, students, educators and the community at large around race-based/human-based issues by challenging stereotypical ideas of blackness and Africa and by celebrating resilience and self-determination.



Promote cultural and historical awareness of the African Diaspora through education and the arts Confront issues surrounding black oppression and humanity as a whole Challenge stereotypical ideas of blackness and Africa Empower society around race-based/human-based issues Support & create positive institutional change to work towards eradicating systemic racism and oppression


A society empowered around race-based/human-based issues Stronger bonds between diverse communities Self-determined institutions governed by and for the people they serve Self-determined communities thriving on locally-based economies and social structures.


Current Programs & Projects


The Black Don't Crack Podcast:

Black Don’t Crack Podcast provides monthly episodes amplifying Black voices while celebrating various intersections of the Black experience in Toronto (Canada) through art, culture healing and resilience Host By: @Logik416 and @Queenkukoyi

Listen now https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-black-dont-crack-podcast-59418530/


The ResponsAbility Program (2020 Crime stoppers Award recipient)

The ResponsAbility Program is a 25 week multimedia & cross-cultural learning program offered to senior and high school students across Toronto. Through facilitated discussions and workshops, students acquire new skills on personal and professional development. Some topics they explore: dream-building/passion, mental & emotional health, relationships, networking & community building, stress management, financial literacy, decision making, social responsibility, politics of power and privilege. Promo video: 

The Black Youth Collaborative

Black Youth Collaborative is a collaborative of 20 Black youth and 43 Black-led and Ally organizations from across the Greater Toronto Area working together to strengthen the education system for Black students experiencing racism and exclusion in Toronto. With support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Black Youth Collaborative works to: Develop tools and resources for schools and community groups to create safer, alternative education spaces that celebrate & affirm Black youth Form new and strengthen existing community partnerships Collect, gather and publicly share essential information impacting education and the Black community Identify new and existing systems to evaluate and measure the well-being of Black students in mainstream learning environments Lay the groundwork for a community-based/community-coordinated coalition that can advocate for and inform effective and sustainable systems change strategies that address systemic gaps in achievement, opportunity and participation experienced by Black students.  Event June 16 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/know-your-rights-anti-black-racism-in-education-q-a-tickets-108591640520