[Event March 7] CONNECT INSPIRE ACTIVATE: what youth need from the service sector

[Event March 7] CONNECT INSPIRE ACTIVATE: what youth need from the service sector

In support of Black Mental Health Week:


Stolen From Africa Host Connect Inspire Activate: What youth need from the service sector on March 7, 2022 in support of Black Mental Health Week

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Stolen From Africa is a Black Arts education organization founded on creating spaces for dialogue, especially the challenging ones in order to achieve a collective sense of knowledge wisdom and understanding. In order to build community we need non-judgmental spaces where we feel encouraged through vulnerability to speak our truths, especially our youth.


As we transition from African Heritage Month and launch Black Mental Health Week, we recognize that todays youth are dealing with trauma, grief, addiction and more, which is why we are coming together to hold space for our youth, to de-stigmatizing their experiences and facilitate meaningful community supports that connect, inspire and activate!



About Host

Neil "Logik" Donaldson, the Founder of Stolen From Africa, a Black Arts not-for-profit organization that began with T-shirts and evolved into a platform that specializes in cultural and historical awareness of Africa, communal dialogue, youth empowerment and self-esteem building . Neil is a visionary leader, creative director, podcaster and father with over 15 years experience working within marginalized youth and delivering programming in schools throughout Toronto.


Youth Panelists:


Moses - SFA supported youth, student at Rosedale School of the art, producer and creative


Najma - SFA Program participant, mother and youth leader


Cam - SFA Program participant, philosopher and youth leader


Fame Holiday - Recording artist highlighting his song on mental health and addictions "What a year"

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