2nd Annual Bob Marley Day Reggae Skate  City Hall Toronto Monday February 6th 2023

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2nd Annual Bob Marley Day Reggae Skate City Hall Toronto Monday February 6th 2023

It’s that time of the year again! The second annual Bob Marley Day Reggae Skate in downtown Toronto! I know it’s a Monday, but in a few years this day will fall on a Friday and Saturday so you know di ting set ❤️💛💚

Did you know ? Toronto has been declaring February 6 as BOB MARLEY DAY for over 30 YEARS??

It’s wild because I know Jamaica’s influence on Toronto’s culture is undeniable today but it wasn’t always widely accepted in Toronto, in fact, it was widely rejected.

“If you know your history , then you will know where you’re coming from / then you wouldn’t have to ask me , who the heck do I think I am”

The timely positioning of Bob Marleys birthday during African Liberation month, reveals that the universe and the invisible fabric that connects us all is truly aligned and right on time. Its also worth mentioning Bobs astrological sign is Aquarius, so his desire for human rights is written in the stars.

As we are “coming in from the cold” lest we forget and honour the legacy and message of “one love” Bob has offered humanity, let us also reflect on how we could continue this legacy in our heart, mind and ways of life. Music more often than not is used for entertainment but in this case the music is rooted with the purpose to invoke change and inspire connection.

Lastly, It wouldn’t be right not mention our African Nova Scotian brothers and their pioneering contributions to Hockey here in Canada BEFORE the NHL even existed 🤯

Contributions to the sport of hockey like “the slap shot” and athletic goaltending, so guess what? We will be skating in their honour as well.

“Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights”

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