100 Miles Brand The Reminisce Show! LIVE Feb ,  7pm!

100 Miles Brand The Reminisce Show! LIVE Feb , 7pm!



Founded by Garie Adamson in 1992 as both one of the world's first hip hop & Toronto-based clothing companies, 100 Miles is a brand that has created timeless designs of shirts, pants, hoodies, lifestyle gear and more over its history, providing top choice contemporary style to legendary artists from Tupac Shakur, BIGGIE SMALLS, ODB-WU TANG CLAN, to Drake and many others. Expanding even further into hats and bandanas as well as other additional branding opportunities as it continues to grow over 20 years later, 100 Miles is running laps around the pretenders out there only in it for the short term. It's a marathon journey, not a sprint to the top. Peace to 100 Miles and Garie, we look forward to talking to him on the Reminisce Show! - Logik & Mindbender


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